More Than a Snack

Last year, Pocky set some aggressive social media goals. Our goal was to surpass them. Our audience is typically females 14 to 24 who were open to a different kind of snacking. One thing was clear: we needed to appeal to a wider audience.

We introduced an influencer program that recruited like-minded social media influencers to create stories that resonated with our fans. To expand our audience, we recruited influencers to create content for Do-It-Yourself, Lifestyle/Fashion and Food categories.


  • 69 influencers
  • 164 pieces of unique content
  • 142.7K engagements
  • 19.3M video views
  • 32.3M potential impressions


We wanted to show fans how Pocky is more than just a snack. We asked prominent #DIY content creators to show all the unexpected ways to incorporate Pocky into recipes, party favors and whatever else is fun.


We believe Pocky’s iconic box is always fashionable, so we partnered with fashion and lifestyle creators to showcase how Pocky is the perfect accessory.


Pocky is the perfect treat for adding color and sweetness to any family. We partnered with family-friendly creators to dream up how Pocky can fit into their everyday lives.

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