Making a Connection with Simple moments

Bona is in an enviable position. They make the finest hardwood floor cleaning products on the market. So, how do we convince our target audience to pay a premium for the Bona brand?

One thing we know about our target–she loves showing off her beautiful home. Thus, our insight: Bona helps our target easily discover her home’s real beauty. We tapped into her emotions with Simple Moments, a campaign that puts a spotlight on those simple, but unforgettable moments that take place every day on gorgeous Bona hardwood floors.

Broadcast TV

Through Santy Studios, we created three Simple Moments TV spots. Each demonstrates how Bona hardwood floor products make simple moments like these easy to achieve.


Inspired by our TV spots, we continued our Simple Moments stories in print.


For #MySimpleMomnets, Bona collaborated with wood-floor friendly lifestyle influencers to create stories that take place in their homes.

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