Victory Over HIV

Changing the conversation about HIV in Arizona.

Over the last 20 years, enormous progress has been made with HIV prevention and care. Being infected is no longer a death sentence. Medications are readily available that prevent and suppress the virus. The eradication of HIV in Arizona in our lifetime is a real possibility. Even with all this good news, the conversation continues to include fear, prejudice and stigma.

Arizona Department of Health Services wanted help changing the tone of the conversation. They wanted to let everyone know that Arizona is making a collaborative effort to defeat HIV and any stigma associated with it.


We brought them Victory Over HIV incorporating an iconic two-finger victory sign. Our positive message was introduced with an inspiring video.

Three-story Banner

We also hung a three-story banner outside of the mayor’s office in downtown Phoenix.


We followed up with a 24-page book showing in detail Arizona’s path to victory.

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