08/07/2014 - Programmatic 101: A Marketer’s Guide

It’s one of the fastest-growing tools for buying and selling media, yet many marketing professionals still on the fence. While it would take a novel to explain all the nuts and bolts, we created a quick guide for execs in need of a primer in programmatic.

07/30/2014 - Happy Work Anniversary, Amanda!

This week represented a very special milestone for our Account Manager, Amanda Fellows. We are happy to congratulate her on 4 years at the agency! Check out our Q & A to hear about some of her accomplishements and advice.

07/15/2014 - Five TV Myths Debunked

The media landscape has changed immensely over the past decade, and that’s led to plenty of pundits climbing onto the “TV is dead” bandwagon. But have the glory days of TV really passed, or are we just using it differently?

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