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Santy Showcase: Pocky in Times Square

New York City’s Times Square, the outdoor advertising Mecca, displays the best of the best video billboards in the world. And now, Santy’s latest work for Pocky shines down on the tourists, Elmo-costume clad entrepreneurs and New Yorkers who regrettably found themselves stuck in Times Square.

Pocky came to Santy with a last-minute opportunity for a Times Square billboard. Pocky wanted an idea that grabs the audience’s attention and relays the brand’s message of ‘Share Happiness.’ With a fast approaching deadline, the creative team created a memorable billboard that stands out from the crowded advertising environment.

The idea sparked from the popular Pocky Game, where two people share a pocky stick “Lady and the Tramp” style. In Japan, the Pocky Game is mainstream pop culture. The U.S. audience’s knowledge of the Pocky Game is growing, (over 88,000 social media mentions of the Pocky Game in the past two years) but it isn’t as well known. The unique shape of the billboard allowed the team to tell the story and introduce the Pocky Game in a compelling way. The smaller part of the billboard communicated through copy while allowing the characters to interact and move around from all sides.

The client loved it. The hotdog stand guy probably gave it a little smile. Even the vendor said, “I have not seen someone fully optimize the sections in this clever of a way so well. I am very impressed and very proud of your team for doing so.”

If you’re in NYC, be sure to check out the billboard and send us a pic.

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