Content Manager Christina Guenther explains how utilizing the Facebook pixel enables marketers to better understand site visitors and prove ROI.

4 Reasons To Love The Facebook Pixel

Earlier this year, Facebook made great strides for the platform’s 5 million advertisers. With the launch of the new Facebook Pixel, businesses can now easily install one snippet of code designed to combine both the conversion tracking pixel and the custom audience pixels previously available to users. This new pixel allows for better conversion tracking and optimization, audience retargeting, dynamic ads (i.e. serving specific content based on a user’s position in your sales funnel or profile data) and advanced audience matching (more data about your website visitors than previously captured).

Chances are you’re using the social platform as part of your paid digital media mix, but if you’re not currently utilizing the Facebook Pixel, you’re missing a valuable business intelligence tool.

Why You Should Install The Facebook Pixel

1. Pixel data allows you to monitor how people engage with your website after viewing your Facebook ad

This data can help you track conversions, see which landing pages or products are generating desired behavior and optimize your ads accordingly. This also enables retargeting capabilities, allowing you to show targeted ads to people who have already visited your website by building custom audiences. Remind that user the sandals she viewed last week are now on sale!

2. Prove ROI

Pixel data allows you to track conversions and attribute them back to your Facebook ads. That may seem like table stakes, but data from the 2017 CMO Survey found that more than 40% of CMOs believe that they haven’t been able to show the impact of social media on their businesses, and roughly one-third don’t have a good sense of the quantitative impact. With those levels of uncertainty and the microscope that most CMOs are under, the sooner you can prove that you’re spending your dollars efficiently, the better.

3. Better Audience Data

Pixel tracking data allows you to track anyone visiting your website whether they come from Google, Instagram or Pinterest (as long as they’re Facebook users). The great thing is the richness of the data that is then delivered to you about the user, giving a look into all the people who visit your website not just users who “Like” your business. These data points include First name, Last name, Zip code, City, State, Country, Date of birth, Year of birth, Age and Gender.

3. It’s Easy to Install

Each Facebook ad account only has one pixel code (to set up your Facebook pixel, all you have to do is place the pixel code on the header of your website). You can learn how to do this here. When someone visits your website and takes an action, the pixel fires and reports the action. When this happens, you are able to understand when a customer takes an action, and can then target that customer again through future Facebook ads. Exciting I know!

Final Thoughts

The Facebook pixel is a FREE tool that allows you to accurately track conversions, optimize your ads based on real-time data, build quality targeted audiences to use in future Facebook ads, and remarket to qualified leads. Not only does this make advertising on Facebook much easier, it solidifies your strategy and ensures that you’re making good use of your ad dollars. Without it, you may just be wasting your time.

Happy Tracking!

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