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Meet The Newest Santy Talent

Behind every vision, there’s a plan. Behind every plan, comes hard work. And behind all of the hard work is usually a group of talented individuals putting the puzzle pieces together and bringing the vision to life. Here at Santy, we’re all about big picture thinking and we understand that it takes a special group of carefully selected people to create those big breakthrough moments for our agency and our clients.

That’s exactly why we’ve made it our mission to hire some of the brightest and most creative folks around. Below, we’d like to highlight some of these individuals and introduce you to the newest talent behind the work we’re producing here at Santy:

Please describe a recent accomplishment that you are most proud of during your time here at Santy.

- Planning and executing a successful media preview in New York. - Liza Turkheimer, Sr. Account Executive - PR

- Producing a stop motion animation for a Pocky Tumblr ad. We wanted to push ourselves and take things to another level for Santy and Pocky. We planned and planned as much as we could but the improvisation and teamwork are what really made the piece as great as it is. It was a lot of work for such a small video but the results were well worth it. - Eric Castanos, Jr. Art Director

- Implementing a successful traffic system to keep projects on track and the workload manageable. - Carrie Ellingson, Traffic Manager

- Mr. Santy gave me a compliment once. - Kaitlin Meyers, Account Coordinator

How would you describe your experience working at Santy to someone who has never heard of Santy?

- The company culture rocks. It’s really the people here that make coming into work a lot of fun. Then I would tell them to go check out the Culture Video on the site! HEY YOU! GO CHECK IT OUT! - Nicole Wageck, Production Artist

- I would say that there is definitely a work-hard/play-hard mentality here at Santy. Everyone knows each other and hangs out, but they’re also extremely diligent when it comes to work. The workplace feels very family-oriented and it’s nice to know you have such a great support system around you every day. - Michelle Lella, Content Apprentice

- Working at Santy/S+L is more about the people who make the experience than the experience itself. Therefore to work with a very engaging and team work-centric environment with extremely smart and creative people makes the experience great. - Liza Turkheimer, Sr. Account Executive - PR

- Three words: Eventful, innovative, fun. - Kaitlin Meyers, Account Coordinator

Where do you find the inspiration to push yourself to work harder?

- My unrelenting need to be better than I was before. - Samuel Ybarra, Design Apprentice

- Knowing that others are counting on me. - Michaela Tussey, Social Media Community Manager

- By having fun. I find a lot of momentum through laughter and just enjoying every second of the process good and bad. - Eric Castanos, Jr. Art Director

- My inspiration comes from the young talent I am surrounded by; to learn from them, to collaborate with them and to stay current on all the new marketing trends. - Karen Schneider, PR Director

- Seeing my coworkers succeed is what drives me to be better. I think being surrounded by this really talented group is my biggest inspiration. That, and a good beach day. - Nicole Wageck, Production Artist

- Seeing how hard my team works. They put in late hours, work weekends and still show up ready to work the next morning. - Carrie Ellingson, Traffic Manager

If you had to pick a celebrity who best embodies your workplace alter ego, who would it be? Why?

- My 10-year-old embodies my workplace alter ego with her boundless energy, her non-stop motormouth, her incessant cartwheels everywhere and her raw compassion for others. - Staci Levine, PR Director

- Kerry Washington. She’s not always the loudest in the room, but knows when to speak up and always has thoughtful, smart things to contribute when she does. She is poised, confident, level-headed and has a good sense of when to let her hair down. Oh, and her wardrobe is bananas! - Marissa Wallace, Account Executive - PR

- If I had to choose, I would say Beyonce is my workplace alter ego. I chose her because not only can sing and dance, and those are some things I love to do, but because she is sassy and fierce which is so my alter ego. - Ashia Sabbath, Production Artist

- Tina Fey because she gets things done while being hilarious. - Kaitlin Meyers, Account Coordinator

- America Ferrera as Betty Suarez in Ugly Betty. I always try to emulate Betty’s positive attitude when I’m stressed out or feeling a little down. When I have a big day at work, I repeat Betty’s mantra to myself (“I am a strong, confident, intelligent businesswoman”). If my personality had a color palette, it would absolutely be bright and bold like Betty’s wardrobe (but probably a little more stylish - sorry girl.) - Michaela Tussey, Social Media Community Manager

- Jim Halpert. He is always cool and calm and still finds time to have fun while getting the job done! - Katie Terrazas, Media Planner/Buyer

- Matt Damon – smart, quick, funny, self-assured. - Dennis Lewis, Senior Copywriter


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