With all the hype surrounding Snapchat, you'd think it would be the ideal platform for advertisers, right? Think again. New data on the efficacy of Snap ads shows otherwise. Santy's Senior Content Manager, Hannah Tooker, shares her advice on advertising with Snapchat.

  • Hannah Tooker
  • Content Manager

Is Snapchat Good for Advertisers?

Is Snapchat good for advertisers? According to new research – not so much. “New stats from customer acquisition firm Fluent show that 69 percent of the 3,327 American adults surveyed online skip ads on Snapchat “always” or “often,” and that number goes up to 80 percent among 18-to24-year-olds.”*

For most marketers, Snapchat is the sweet spot for their younger audiences – but with 80% of an 18-24 year old audience skipping your advertisements it may be time to reassess that strategy. Additionally, with the introduction of Snapchat Discover, marketers anticipated there would be a rise in engagement but the same study shows that “61% of people do not follow news on Discover and 57% don’t follow entertainment.”

Most Millennials and Gen Z-ers use Snapchat to consume quick, entertaining, personal or exclusive content, making it challenging for brands to get the main user demographic on Snapchat to engage with their content.

Snapchat advertising rates are high, yet engagement with ads are low. We think something’s gotta give. Snapchat will have to allow for more engaging advertising opportunities at a more affordable price or marketers will soon begin abandoning ship.

Still not ready to abandon the Snapchat ship? You can make the most of your Snapchat strategy by providing exclusive content that fans cannot access anywhere else. This creates a demand for the channel and without using ads that may be skipped gives your audience the opportunity to engage with your brand on another level in a different social media environment.

Not sure if your brand should be Snappin’? We can help.

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