Instagram Stories are here and going face-to-face with Snapchat. Our Content Manager, Hannah Tooker, explains why Instagram Stories may already be a much better tool for brands trying to reach the largest possible audience.

  • Hannah Tooker
  • Content Manager

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

There is a new kid on the block when it comes to quick content sharing – Instagram Stories. Released a little over a month ago, this new Instagram feature has influencers, bloggers, brands and regular folk (like you and me) questioning the world of social media as we know it. My point of view? If your brand already has a captive audience on Instagram, don’t waste time blazing a new trail on Snapchat.

As a brand, you should have a carefully cultivated audience on your Instagram channel that engages with your content and comes back for more. And there is a good chance that Snapchat is next on your social to-do list or is an entirely unexplored frontier. The good news is with Instagram Stories, you can feed content created with the same basic functionality of Snapchat to an already captive audience and receive a greater number of impressions.

I like to practice what I preach, so I put this theory to the test. Utilizing our client, Pocky, as a test subject, I ran the exact same content on Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Our Instagram audience is over 46,000 people; while Snapchat has an audience of roughly 3,000 followers. As you can see below, the Instagram story had nearly double the views of the Snapchat story featuring the same content received. Why? Audience size. We can feel confident the quick content pushed on Instagram Stories will engage people because of our already established audience. Building an engaged audience takes time, so instead of sending snaps out into the great beyond – utilize Instagram Stories and see a return on your time investment.

There is a difference between Snapchat and Instagram Stories. On Snapchat, there are a plethora of filters, geo-filters and sticker options as well as paid advertising opportunities for brands. Instagram does not have these features yet. Knowing what we know about the rapid genesis of Facebook’s social solutions, we can assume these features are not too far off for Instagram Stories.

When it comes to being nimble with your social content, the saying “work smarter, not harder” rings true. Unless you already have a large and active Snapchat audience or haven’t been able to meet your goals on Instagram, don’t reinvent the wheel. Utilize Instagram Stories to achieve the same fresh, in-the-moment content that Snapchat celebrates without having to start from scratch.

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