The only constant is change. This has never been more true for Santy as new business and growing clients means Santy has had to adapt and grow. What better way to show this than a new website showcasing the work that has caused all this growth and the people who make it.

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A New Site to Experience Santy

“The only constant is change.”

A favorite adage of CEO and President, Dan Santy, and never has it been more true. New business and growing clients means Santy has expanded dramatically in recent times. This has presented greater challenges, forcing evolution into something more. Not just by adding more people, although there are new positions filled every month and even a new acquisition, but by each individual at Santy becoming a better person, becoming a better team that creates even better work.

This new website was developed to showcase the work Santy produces and the people who do it. These are passionate experts who are proud of their work. You can see their beautiful faces here busy laughing together as they do what they love. You can read their expert opinions on the redesigned blog. And you can see the work that’s like nothing you’ve seen before—website development, social media, television, branding and much, much more.

The new website (an example itself) is a container to showcase the unexpected work of Santy, executed with calculated intent and deft skill. The new site is innovative, adhering to the principles of responsive design. Every aspect of the site—from back to front, the coding to the copy—was all considered and created with cerebral attention by members of the digital, creative, and content teams to ensure that users can easily understand that Santy is an ad agency of experts, gleefully collaborating to create an excellent product for Santy’s clients.

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